To measure or to inspire

I want to share a story where measurement and process was given up… instead putting in place something that allowed for the harnessing of the potential of everyone in the project … developing, thriving, learning and growing together and as a result creating an immense ripple to all those who experienced the outcome.

A friend in the Netherlands was the new CEO of a biennale being held. It was going to be the greenest and carbon neutral and all of those good things. But when he spoke to all thfor book 240e display and exhibition holders there were all pretty dispassionate, the reporting for each of them to show they would be green and neutral was so taxing it was costing almost 25% of their budgets. Inspired by Blue Economy by  Gunter Pauli, he held a meeting of all the exhibition holders and said he would give them back their 25%; they did not need to collect the data and write the reports… but…  they has to spent the money on being extraordinary, imaginative, inspiring, educational and fabulous.

The buzz, the excitement, the life that returned to all the people working on the exhibition was palatable. The result, a biennale that is still being talked about 8 years later as the best ever, that rippled into everyone’s lives and inspired them from rethinking work priorities, to how they  dealt with waste, to how they designed, dressed, ate, exercised, lived. Everyone came out of that biennale glowing with the potential to make the world a better place within the sphere of their influence, understanding that they didn’t need to be perfect, they didn’t need to neutral, and they could thrive, be joyous and contribute.

We are innovators and so processes and measurement are tools to help us to improve but what I learnt is always think of why – what benefit will we get and what other opportunities are there.

Have a great weekend and keep humming,



One Response to To measure or to inspire

  1. Auseng43 says:

    Amazing outcome. But as always, money got in the way initially. And that is because we measure everything in money terms. Remove it and we flourish in other social and natural outcomes……

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